At the Skatepark on Leica Q

159 / 5 000 Résultats de traduction star_border As part of a mission and just for fun, I took my son to the skatepark. The mission: Capture action scenes and test drive my new Leica Q.

Sure, I let my son think it was for him, which in a way it was, but I really wanted to see how fast the autofocus was with fast-moving subjects. Overall, the Leica Q has very fast autofocus and pretty good face detection and tracking. While it doesn’t compete with today’s Japanese technology found in Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras, which are more small computers with a lens, it still holds up well enough for a 2015 release. . I found the lens is so sharp that you can easily keep it at f1.7 all the time and still get great results. I found though that I probably prefer shooting it in manual focus, setting infinity to 1 meter and just forgetting about it. All of these photos are taken with the aperture wide open on the non-removable 28mm 1.7 Summilux fixed lens, some in auto focus and some in manual focus. I’ve only had this camera for a week and have never shot so much. I mean I’m literally shooting every day doing all kinds of testing and comping, trying to find his limit and I can’t quite get enough of this style of shooting. Of course, for the type of photography I like to do, it’s the perfect companion. Sports and wildlife photographers will be better served with Japanese brands, but I walk the streets and just capture anything that catches my eye. When I’m on the road I can stop and explore a small town and just take pictures, I rarely feel like I should have a 24-70mm lens and if I do I always carry my Nikon Z6ii which I use for videos, in low light and to zoom in on subjects. For work-related photography projects, since I like product and lifestyle shots, the Leica Q will be my go-to. Frankly, I’m in love again. I feel like I’ve just discovered a whole new area of photography that I didn’t even know existed.

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