It’s just a tool you say?

We often hear “it’s only a tool” or “the camera doesn’t make the photographer” then on the other hand we can also hear people say that they absolutely need the latest camera with a long list of features that surpass the competition, at least until the release of the new competition camera. …Then the process starts over

For several years and I would even say even today, I have a special affection for Nikons. 110 / 5 000 Résultats de traduction star_border I have always justified my loyalty to this brand by the color rendering and the quality of the images. Camera companies in the race to outdo each other and year after year, are forced to try to convince us that without their latest technology, we cannot take beautiful photographs. Their survival depends on that. The technology is advancing in such a paste that we use computers with a lens at the end. The auto-focus is made so powerful that it’s almost impossible to miss a capture. It has become such an issue these past few years that youtubers by the dozen obsess about who has the better auto-focus and spend many hours tryng to convince us that one is better. Perhaps have they forgotten the bad quality of all the most famous photography we’ve seen?

Again we are going to say that it is only a tool. But I’m one who loves good design and brands I love my Apple products my Levi’S jeans my Ray Bans my converse my thursday boots… I love the history of brands and craftsmanship. And Leica sure fits in well in the better design and ingenious craftsmanship. Since I recently discovered the Leica systems, I have not been able to stop myself from photographing every day. This Leica Q released in 2015 that I bought used for more than my professional cameras which have all the latest features in the industry is by far the best photography experience I can have.

The auto focus of a Leica Q is fast but not so precise. there is face detection by contrast but not so reliable. Tracking that loses its subject, the ISO only goes to a quarter of recent cameras, you can’t change the lens for another, you’re stuck with a 28mm f1.7. The menu is very simple with very few functions yet inspite of all that, for some reason, it’s impossible to put it down. Its simplicity and robust design brings me back to photography pure and simple. 156 / 5 000 Résultats de traduction star_border So I’m not of the opinion that a camera is just a tool and I wouldn’t say that empty poetic phrase that it’s an extension of ourselves. It may be a fashion statement, a clan, a brand, a story and finally the ultimate tool to immortalize a fraction of a second of an era.

Being a photographer using a Leica is a bit out of the ordinary, but the shooting experience is unparalleled. From there I would dare to say: “If it’s only a tool for you, it’s because you don’t have the right camera.” 255 / 5 000 Résultats de traduction star_border A Leica or any other brand of camera that makes you want to get out of your comfort zone and Go explore and photograph and document everything that catches our eye is not just a tool and yes it will make you a better photographer.

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